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Good Old Jamaican SKA!



          Earl "BO" Freeman

          Well traveled musician, born in Texas; homegrown in the local San Francisco Bay Area,  Bo's natural ability, the mastery of his style and technique on the bass are evidence of his weighty musical pedigree. Major European tours with  Bill Summers  as well as with Don Cherry and Multikulti were just a part of the voyage to new worlds of musical expression for Bo.

         Bo's versatility has lit up stages performing with  Peter Apfelbaum and the Hieroglyphic Ensemble, Coke, Pete and Shelia Escavido, The Freaky Executives, Able Zarate from the band Malo as well as Strictly Roots just to name a few.  World beat, Latin, R&B, Reggae, funk, you name it, Bo is a multi-talented  artist of all genres, be it bass, keyboards.

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